Black Project

by Morgan Craft

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No software was used in the generation of any sound.
All sounds made by, on, or through solo electric guitar.


released February 26, 2016

Black Project (excerpt) / Morgan Craft. 2016.

Full text:

It was difficult for me to reconcile taking the time to weigh in about race in the year 2016, as I would almost swear that we’ve been here before. When the new wave of black American malaise began insinuating itself everywhere, I felt a sinking in my stomach, as I realized nothing had fundamentally changed in the last 30 years and we were about to go over all of the same territory once again.

The main point of contention in the current race debate centers on the street view. The street view in this context is synonymous with life in the ghetto. At street view, the ghetto appears to be the entire world, but it certainly is not. The power structure uses this to its advantage by willingly sacrificing their pawns in law enforcement to ensure that the ghetto remains confused as to where the front line truly is. The front line is never the street. The street is the dumping ground in the war for the black American mind.

What is now painfully obvious, is that in ‘keeping it real’ we have the perfect modern symbiosis of destruction and profit, or as Naomi Klein so aptly put it, ‘disaster capitalism’. ‘Keeping it real’ became internalized, solidifying into a lifestyle with its attendant values, through the contagion in the form of a musical soundtrack played over and over, which hardwired the darkest themes of the street directly into the pleasure centers of the brain through song. This is neuroscience.

During this phase Black Power came to mean black economic power. But the cards of the financial system have always been, and always will be, stacked against those who do not control its mechanisms. In saying that this system is not designed with black agency in mind is simply stating a fact. Take heart, free market capitalism was not created and instituted by God; it is an invention of man.

Grasped as a whole, the present day American system is merely an idea. All of us are its effects, but it does not change the fact that it is still only an idea, and as such, is susceptible to a different, better idea. The only option for black Americans, and all future minded citizens of this world, who do not like this company of a system, and feel that it is keeping them down, is to realize that they have the right and the ability to build their own, to their own specifications. This is what every self respecting civilization has done.

Cover art: "Solar/Lunar Panel Phoenix Africa Leading Light of World", pen, ink & silver on paper by G. Loli, 2016



all rights reserved


Morgan Craft Amsterdam, Netherlands

Morgan Craft has played with Vernon Reid, Marc Ribot, Christian Marclay, Daniel Carter, Nona Hendryx, Meshell Ndegeocello, Butch Morris, Talib Kweli, Burnt Sugar, Pete Cosey, Ikue Mori, Anton Fig, Beans, Muzz Skillings, Greg Osby, Johnny Kemp, Carl Hancock Rux.

After a 10 year period of intensive Tuscan forest recording sessions, he is currently based in Amsterdam.
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